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Our Horsemen in all Our Tours

All the Horsemen are from Mollepata(Salkantay Trek), Maranpata (Choquequirao Trek), Tinki (Ausangate) and Waca Wasi (Lares Trek) Town the starting pointo to our  treks, we employed to the responsible and serious people to do a great job in transporting all the crew items along the trail using the mules are in charge of all our gear and  they will always await us within the safe and comfortable camp sites.
Our horsemen are happy working on the company with reasonable salaries and received benefice of the company on the end of the season, horsemen can be very helpful in an emergency case because they know well the area and trail condition.

Besides trekking and camping gear every horse carries a total of 40 kg of guest’s belongings,Bioandean Expeditions  provides all the mountain gear like horsemen uniform and cargo staff for horses.
You will have a personal allowance of 8kg/16lb for your gear that we will carry along the trek with out any extyra cost.

                   Juan and Braulio

              From:  Marampata


            From: Mollepata


            From:  Mollepata


       From: Marampata


      From: Marampata


              From: Waca Wasi


                  From: Ausangate




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