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Go to Perú Only with Bioandean Expeditions

We (two couples) had an 11 day trip with Bioandean Expeditions  in Peru. Everything was just perfect from start to end. The service we received was amazing. the guides throughout our trip were high quality, knowledgeable, nice and caring and it was clear that it was important for them that we would have the best time. The itinerary was interesting and smartly built, allowing us to acclimate to the altitude. They allowed us to make changes and were attentive to all our requests. The choice of hotels and restaurants was wonderful, the vehicles that picked us up each time were new and comfortable, it was clear that no money was saved in order to make us happy. Do not hesitate for a second – take Bioandean Expeditions  as your tour organizer in Peru and your are guaranteed to have the best trip.

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